Self-Serve Corporate Tax Return

Our self-service corporate tax return software that provides the ability for small business in Canada when filing their annual returns without the hassle or expense of hiring an accountant!

KaganSoft self-service corporate tax return software

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Why Choose KaganSoft?

No driving, no taking time you don’t have out of your daily schedule to book an appointment, and no dealing with an annoying accountant! Plus, if you get stuck and need additional help or have a unique situation you can hire a professional through the software to take you through it step by step.

Reduce Expenses

Small businesses in Canada can save thousands of dollars by using our software to prepare their own Corporate tax return.

Save Time

No more trips to the accountant, waiting on hold, or sitting around for months waiting for someone else to get your Corporate Tax return completed.

Professional Support

Your business is unique, feel secure knowing that there are professionals available to support your questions for a fraction of the cost of paying an accountant to do everything for you.

Designed and Trusted by Experts

The KaganSoft Corporate Tax Return Software is built specifically for Canadian Small businesses by experts who understand the your needs and know that your time and money is very important!

How Much can I save?

Costs that are traditionally $1500 or more, could cost anywhere from $150 - $500 depending on if you need some assistance from one of our professionals.

How Does it Work?

Similar to personal income tax software, our system walks you through the process of completing your corporate tax return to make sure everything is entered that is required to be communicated to the Canada Revenue Agency.

How long does it take?

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We are Here to Help You

As we get ready to launch this exciting new software, we would be happy to answer any questions you might have. We would suggest that you sign up to be notified of updates as the launch gets closer using the "Stay in the Know" box above